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Bespoke Joinery Projects

Bespoke Joinery Projects

We are a team of joinery professionals that build bespoke joinery systems, using decades of experience

solid surfacing
● doors
● staircases
● furniture
● timber framing

  • Residential Joinery | [Laminated Flooring]
  • Residential Joinery | [Bathroom Remodelling]
  • Residential Joinery | [Modern Integrated Kitchen]
  • Wilson Millworks Ltd | [Bespoke Joinery Management]
Residential Joinery | [Laminated Flooring]

Carpeted bedroom before restoration

Carpeted bedroom before remodelling

Preparation Is Everything at all levels in business and joinery

Carpet and skirting removed for floor preparation

Laminate flooring installers

Laminated flooring and walls first coated

The Challenge

Remove old carpet, install laminated flooring to stop squeaking floorboards, replace old radiators and redecorate rooms…

The Solution

● Remove carpet
● Clean area and identify loose floor boards for tightening
● Level floor with plywood screwed to floor boards
● Install insulation
● Lay laminated flooring
● Install skirtings

The Result

Non-squeaking insulated laminate flooring in happy and comfortable bedroom spaces

Bedroom 2 remodelling completed

Bedroom 2 Changed for Better

Master bedroom with happy walk-in closet, modern radiator and flooring

Another happy space completed

Another changed space bedroom 3 completed

Residential Joinery | [Bathroom Remodelling]

Bathroom project before remodelling

Bathroom before being changed for better

Bathroom preparation for remodelling

Bathroom Preparation for Change

Bathroom with heated towel rail and tiled wall

The Challenge

Remove old bathroom fixtures, wall tiles, radiators, level uneven walls and redecorate for better client experience…

The Solution

● Remove bathroom, vanity and shower
● Clean area, level walls, window opening and flooring
● Remove vent brick and replace with air extractor
● Change lighting fixture and link light switch to extractor
● Tile walls and flooring
● Paint ceilings and doors
● Install new bathroom fixtures including heated towel rail
● Luxury bath and shower, soft close toilet, vanity and mirrored wall cabinet

The Result

Modern, functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom space for better…

Luxury bath, shower, vanity and toilet

Luxury bath, shower, vanity and toilet

Heated towel rail, luxury bath, shower and vanity

Heated towel rail, luxury bath, shower and vanity

Vanity, soft close toilet and mirror cabinet

Residential Joinery | [Modern Integrated Kitchen]

Kitchen installation

Base units layout before installation

Integrated appliances and cabinets installation

Overhead units and hood range installation

Overhead units, hood range and countertop installation

The Challenge

Remove old kitchen, preserve tiles, design and install kitchen…

The Solution

● Remove old kitchen and appliances
● Design and cost new kitchen and appliances to clients needs
● Install kitchen cabinets, appliances and countertop

The Result

Happy client in her modern kitchen space

Doors installed on integrated appliances and cabinets

Doors installed on integrated fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and other cabinets

Bespoke cabinetry

Completed kitchen front elevation

Completed kitchen side elevation

Completed kitchen side elevation

Wilson Millworks Ltd | [Bespoke Joinery Management]

Business Development Management

Wilson Millworks Ltd

Artisan and Accounting businessman



Bespoke Doors Windows Cabinets Staircases

The Challenge

Grow multi-currency startup from 17 door $566 USD order to 4M USD turnover in four years…

The Solution

● Identified core competency as a qualified design and technology teacher.
● Focused Organisational Structure
● Quality Employee Relationships
● Improved workflow scheduling
● Identified deficit models by department
● Got international training at Hettich, SCMI, Avonite, Wilsonart.
● Automated Pensions, NI, PAYE calculations
● Adapted Peachtree Complete Accounting by Sage.

The Result

“Learnt critical life and business lessons on this fourteen year journey“. Everton Wilson Entrepreneur

Bespoke Joinery and home construction

Individually Tailored Joinery Services


Individually Tailored Joinery Services


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